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    We are not just the average IT consulting firm – we are different. We believe that businesses deserve as much care of their IT as they do for every other part of their business. Contact us today for more details!

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Guided IT Support

Get IT support for you small to medium sized business! We offer a wide range of IT and website services to ensure your business has the best technology experience possible!

Data Protection

Keep your data secure from hackers and viruses with data protection and management. By protecting your data, you are ensuring that all your company’s information and your employee’s information is safe from harm or hackers.


Get regular updates from StriveIT on how your business is performing, and how your IT sits amongst competitors. Don’t let slow internet speed or bad connections keep you from succeeding amongst the pack!

SEO Optimized

Our SEO services allow you to keep up with best practices, as stated by Google and other large search engines. We ensure that your website is succeeding as successfully as possible in the search results, and is effective with your consumers!

Cloud Management

Take your data to the next level by applying cloud softwares. These allow for better data storage and backup, which leads to more retention and capacity for all your data files! View our cloud management capabilities here!

HIPAA Compliance

Ensure that your data is stored properly, and that you are staying compliant with all HIPAA protocols with StriveIT! We take our data management seriously, and believe that staying complaint with rules and regulations is of upmost importance.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Never let a computer crash or data breach effect your company. Ensure that all your data files and information are backed-up properly, and that all your bases are covered in case of disaster or emergency.

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Utilize business continuity by backing up your data. 

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Differences in computer systems may not effect your potential for viruses.

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