Would Switching To Internet-Based Telephone Systems Improve My Connectivity And Staff Collaboration?

What Can A Move To VoIP Do For My Boulder-Area Business?

Voice communications are an essential tool that businesses need for collaboration between vendors and clients.

However, many old school PBX phone systems are facing end of life, are rarely updated, and are hard to repair because those that have experience working on the older systems have retired. Replacing these systems with equivalent PBX phone systems can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Landline telephone networks are rapidly becoming a thing of the past for most businesses. Today’s businesses are looking for reliable, cost-effective telecommunications services. That’s where VoIP comes into the picture. VoIP has more robust functionality and is a smaller up-front commitment than repairing and maintaining the older PBX phone systems.


What is VoIP?

VoIP, a service which is also known as Voice-over-IP (Internet-Protocol), offers businesses a more reliable and economical system for communication. By cutting former dependence upon landline-based telephone service, companies can embrace the dependability which comes with telecommunications backed by a high-speed internet connection.

A simple switch to Hosted VoIP offers:

  • Flexibility: VoIP is designed to operate efficiently on any internet-connected device. Whether you have a phone, tablet, computer, or smartphone, any device can be used as a VoIP phone.

  • Enhanced Functionality: Although VOIP stands for voice over IP, it is not limited to voice alone. You can make one-on-one video calls or even video conference calls.

  • Convenience: VoIP offers businesses complete portability. Internet-based telecommunications systems can be used anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

What Is The Cost For VoIP Telephone Systems?

VoIP technology is customized to the needs of each business, and as such, monthly costs vary. Some of the factors which affect pricing include:

  • packages

    VoIP integrated into desk phones

  • packages

    Migration to smartphone or software phone telephone service

  • packages

    The number of employees in-house and working remotely

One of the major advantages of VoIP is the low up-front cost compared to a traditional on-site telephone system.

What Features Can I Expect From VoIP With Strive Technology Consulting?

One of VoIP’s many advantages is a more professional telephone presence with partners, vendors, and clients. Some of the professional features businesses can count on from Strive include:

  • Call recording

  • Voicemail transcription

  • Voicemail-to-email

  • Auto Attendant

  • Caller ID

  • “Follow me” automatic forwarding

  • Ring groups

  • Call queues

  • Evening/Weekend/Holiday call handling

  • Conference calls

  • Hot Desking

Can I Still Use My Standard Desk Phone?

Many businesses still find desk phones to be more efficient and convenient than software-based phones. For these customers, we can offer modern desk phone technology with internet-enabled telecommunications services to give businesses the best of both worlds.

Here are some of the features businesses can expect from Strive Technology Consulting:

  • Call Forward

  • Call Hold

  • Speakerphone

  • Call Log

  • Call Transfer

  • Call Waiting

  • 3-way Conferencing

  • Do Not Disturb

  • Headset Jack & Bluetooth support

  • Mute

  • On Hook Dialing

  • Auto Answer

  • Busy Call Forward

  • Phone Lock/Unlock

  • Speed Dial

  • Volume Control

  • Call Park and Pickup

  • Inbound Caller Name

What Benefits Does A Switch To VoIP-Based Telephones Offer My Business?

  • Scalability – With VoIP, businesses have the capability to expand or reduce their user base with only a few simple clicks. This allows businesses to scale their services to their growth, meaning they only pay for what they use.

  • Monthly Subscription Service – Strive Technology Consulting allows business owners to use their VoIP services on a monthly subscription basis. There is no expectation of a long-term commitment. Our services are affordable and available at flat-rate pricing paid out in monthly installments.

  • Allow employees to make calls from home on the company system.Allow employees to make calls from home on the company system. Whether in the office or at home, employees can make and receive calls through the system so you can manage caller ID, recording, and cell phone numbers can remain private.

  • Find Me – Make life more convenient for everyone by using “One Number To Contact Me.” A single number can ring a person at their desk phone, computer software phone, and cell phone. Employees are always reachable – no need to make customers hunt for them.