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  • Tim and the team at Strive IT are friendly, responsive, and smart. They are transparent and provide education, and you can call them any time you run into an issue.

    If you are a small or medium-sized business and don’t have ALL of your digital and physical assets protected, connected, and backed up, then you should definitely give them a call. Your employees and your business will be more productive because they will spend less time trying to figure out hardware, internet, and security issues and more time doing their jobs. Leave that to Strive IT– I highly recommend their services.


    Lee Scheer, MBABusiness Administrator & Marketing Coordinator

  • With Strive, we have problems solved in less time than it would take our previous provider to return our call.

    Strive Gave This Manager the IT Stability He Needed With Clear and Friendly Communication

    It may seem strange for a fitness club to be reliant on computers, but that is exactly the case at ONE Boulder Fitness.

    “Our members come here to exercise and get away from the technology leash,” says general manager Kyle Fittje. “But we are running a business and we need the computers to service those members.”

    Other IT Support Options Weren’t Working
    “Response time with our previous firm was pretty lackluster. It was hard to get ahold of someone, hard to get things scheduled, and hard to get things fixed in a reasonable amount of time. It would literally take weeks to get problems fixed sometimes.”

    ONE Boulder Fitness was put in touch with Strive through one of their personal trainers, who had used them for IT support at a previous company. Strive did a network assessment and found old and poorly maintained equipment, failing data backups, and security vulnerabilities in several systems. Strive made several recommendations spread out over the next year to allow for a tight budget.

    “Based on their expertise and the thorough nature of Strive’s network assessment, I decided to go along with most of the recommendations. I finally knew what was OK with my network and what needed help. I wouldn’t have known what to do if that wasn’t in the process.”

    Easy To Talk To And Understand
    “Strive is easy to work with, easy to talk to. We don’t speak the tech-speak language, but they don’t talk down to us because of that. They understand what we’re saying and treat us with respect, telling us what we need to know in a way we understand.”

    Faster Support Means Less Business Risk
    After some work to bring fix the problems found in the initial assessment and a lot of proactive maintenance, ONE Boulder Fitness’ computers don’t go down anymore. And when they have troubles, they get fast response.

    “We can get in touch with you ASAP,” raves Kyle. “And you’re able to connect to our systems without having to be here. That has been one of the biggest benefits to our experience. You fix things right away. This makes us more efficient checking in members. This is key for things like liability requirements, security, and maintaining inventory. If our sales computers are down, we don’t know what has been sold, we don’t know who went into the cash drawers, and we can’t print out receipts for members. We would have to write down orders by hand, which made us look unprofessional. If our check-in computers are down, we are at greater risk for liability because we don’t know who is here and whether they belong or not. Choosing Strive has actually helped us reduce our business risk and improve our customer service.


    Kyle FittjeGeneral ManagerONE Boulder Fitness

  • Lowered our support calls by 75%

    “Strive has been a pleasure to work with. The best part is that we don’t have to call them! We used to have problems with our computers about 2 or 3 times per week. We would call our IT guy and he would fix the problem, but that wasn’t good for our customer service and our ability to handle calls as they came in. With Strive handling our systems, we don’t really have those problems anymore. They do enough stuff behind the scenes that our computers don’t have those problems anymore. Now, we’re only calling for IT support once or twice a month, and our ability to deliver great customer service is no longer hampered by troublesome PC issues.”


    David HarringtonAgency OwnerAllstate Insurance

  • Always Going The Extra Mile

    Dear StriveIT, Thanks for all the great service you’ve given us! When we call, you answer. When we need help, you have been “Johnny-on-the-spot” and always prompt, if not early. Many times you have gone above and beyond the call of duty, or helped us when it was something that wasn’t technically your responsibility. We recommend this company whole-heartedly!


    Drs. Vicki and Charles KelseyAquarius Functional Neurology

  • Strive took away our worry and stress

    Over the past couple of weeks, we have had a series of computer problems that have caused some headaches for our business. Some of these issues involved; employees leaving and their permissions and accounts, document recovery and possible virus and malware intrusion. These issues were immediate and Strive was able to take care of the problems and get them resolved in a quick fashion. They were able to reassure our business that our computer was not at an immediate threat with malware or a virus. They were able to secure our network and purge all accounts from old employees removing any security vulnerabilities and they have taken the worry and stress away for managing a computer for someone who is not very computer savvy.


    Shanon DahlOwnerHome Helpers of Westmister

  • Reliable And Responsive

    Excellent – Strive Technology Consulting provides us comprehensively reliable, responsive and straightforward service. The level of technical knowledge and application, whether the problem is complex or simple, is by far the best I have experienced. I highly recommend their services and the peace of mind it provides.


    DeWayne CrowderPresidentComprehensive Traffic Systems

  • Strive Speaks To Clients As Humans

    The Strive CEO is the smartest technology person I have met in the last 10 years, and I have run an IT firm with over 600 techs around the globe. He has the ability to explain things in plain English and the unique ability to understand business needs and match them to technology investments to provide maximum ROI to his clients.


    Josh Clifford VP GMPlumChoice Business Services

  • Fast To Learn A New Network

    I want to thank you for an excellent job supporting our server when we had our backs against the wall due to the unexpected death of our IT support expert. We were in the middle of moving to a new server and in a major bind. Your fast response to take over and complete the transition (which required a major learning curve in dealing with CU firewalls, etc.) is greatly appreciated. You also have been very responsive in your support for our email and in supporting and providing for our desktops and laptops. Your quality disposition in dealing with both faculty and students has also been appreciated. Please let this email serve as a recommendation for others who might be considering using your company services


    Dr. Al W. WeimerExecutive Director, Colorado Center for Biorefining and BiofuelsUniversity of Colorado

  • Keeps Hiring Strive

    I first started working with Strive IT over 10 years ago when our company moved from Boston to Colorado. We outsourced a lot of work to Strive and the feedback I always got from people was how friendly and personable they were—not your typical reaction to IT technicians. Since then, I have changed jobs twice and have hired Strive at both of my new companies. Their unique mix of personality, skill, and attention to detail is something I have not been able to find in other providers.


    Sarah MillerSenior Director of People and CultureHavenly Interior Decorators

  • Came To Trust Strive Quickly

    Strive acted as a problem solver when our company was in the process of a move and in a major time crunch. They brought a cool, calm and collected approach, and didn’t overwhelm us with information and choices. Even though the period of time we worked together was short, I quickly trusted their opinion. They asked specific questions and allowed us to feel confident in their choices, despite the amount of knowledge we may have possessed beforehand.


    Erica WegelerOffice ManagerHavenly Interior Decorators

  • Solved the problem fast

    “I had multiple other IT companies come in and look at the problem. They took hours, and no one could tell me how to fix it. Strive came in and—even with the bustle of patients in the office—were able to diagnose the problem and give me multiple options to fix it in under 30 minutes! I would definitely work with them again.”


    Dr. Mark E. GraycarChiropractor

  • Strive has provided allows us to know we will be able to respond to our clients when needed

    “Our company had reached a point where our existing backup platform needed a serious upgrade to comply with regulatory requirements relating to business continuity. Strive Technology was able to provide a secure and cost-effective solution. The reliability and responsiveness Strive has provided allows us to know we will be able to respond to our clients when needed.”


    Mike GordonChief Operating OfficerLighthouse Financial LLC

  • Professional service is spot on

    “Just some quick feedback that our business is very much appreciating Strive IT’s services, since contracting with your firm last November. From the code-red cloud data meltdown, to the thorough best practices review, to the ongoing day-to-day support, your prompt, professional service is spot on. It has helped our business feel more secure in cyber space, make better software and hardware decisions, and bring us into compliance with the relevant regulators. We would recommend you to other businesses seeking great IT help.”


    Chris JonesPartnerAloha Capital Partners

  • I know I am going to be received generously

    “Every time I call, I know I am going to be received generously. You never, ever, ever speak to me condescendingly, or make me feel bad about having problems or asking these questions. If I were to rate the most important things, that would be #1. Number 2 would be how quickly you address situations. When I have an emergency, I can count on you being available immediately. You may take a little longer to get back to me when things are less pressing, but you always respond with precisely the amount of urgency I need. Third would be the time you take to explain things to me, and the patience and care you spend in those conversations. Thank you for the 10 years you have been working with us.”


    Gary MillennorOwnerMillennor Business & Financial Services