vCIO Services for Today’s Businesses

What Can vCIO Services Do for My Business?

Technology has taken center stage in the workflow processes of most businesses today. Since most businesses rely on their technology to fulfill nearly every task, maintaining secure and optimized IT assets is a high priority. Every aspect of a business from its marketing efforts to sales, accounting, and much more is driven by efficient IT networks and systems.

But administrative tasks are only one role technology plays in most businesses. Technology evolves at a rapid pace. To gain and maintain a competitive edge, leading businesses need to keep pace with the latest innovations for their industry. That’s where a partnership with a reputable Managed IT Services provider for vCIO services is invaluable.

Since not all businesses can afford to sustain the expense of a dedicated Chief Information Officer on payroll, many company owners feel doomed to limping along with the technology offerings they are familiar with; no matter how inefficient they might be. But a partnership with a vCIO from Strive Technology Consulting is more affordable than the average business might think. We offer leading businesses the opportunity to enjoy the fully outsourced support of a dedicated executive IT consultant to help them address challenges, meet goals, and stay ahead of the ever-evolving technologies available on the market today.

Six Pillars of vCIO Services from Strive Technology Consulting

  • The provision of a dedicated executive IT consultant

This main point of contact commits to learning all they can about a business, the challenges they face, and their goals. Armed with this information, they are then perfectly poised to offer executive-level advice to propel businesses towards the achievement of their operational objectives.

  • The development of a strategic technology plan

Each vCIO takes the time to outline recommendations to help each client attain their short-and-long-term objectives. Once the technology plan has been approved, the vCIO then begins implementing each step to pave the way towards the achievement of an optimized and secure IT environment.

  • Assistance with budgeting

Unexpected technology costs can easily derail a thriving business. vCIO services from Strive Technology Consulting help businesses to forecast future technology expenditures and to target necessary expenses to prevent wasted resources and overspending.

  • The management of projects

Whatever technology-related projects a business needs completed become the primary responsibility of their vCIO. Whether a company needs to move to the cloud, install new software, or requires oversight of a project, its vCIO will handle each task from start to finish.

  • Liaise with vendors

Each vCIO provides full vendor management services. We deal with all aspects of a business’ technology assets, including internet service providers, software solution companies, and more to help each business get the best possible price and service for their technology investment.

  • The institution of regular technology review meetings

A vital part of any technology strategy includes regular assessments of what is working and what isn’t. Each vCIO works within their client’s schedule to set up review meetings to help strengthen their technology infrastructure to provide them with their ideal IT working environment.