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How Managed IT Services Can Prevent System Crashes

IT systems downtimes are a nightmare for small businesses because those businesses usually lack expert knowledge and IT specialists necessary to rectify the problem right away. Outsourcing these tasks to a provider of Managed IT Services is an attractive solution for many business leaders. The subscription-based, Managed IT Services model allows you to assign such challenging and business-critical activities to devoted IT professionals. Managed IT Services professionals work both on-premises and remotely, which enables you to have your hardware and software properly configured on-site while disaster recovery and downtime prevention can be performed remotely.

Managed IT Services is an entire array of IT care services that are combined to give a business proactive, comprehensive IT management, maintenance, security, and operational monitoring. The services most often combined into a Managed IT Services package include:

  • Network Security
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Workstation Maintenance
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity
  • Gsuite and Office 365 Support
  • Mobile Device Security and Management

Minimizing Downtime with Managed IT Services Makes Businesses Run More Smoothly

Businesses depend on IT systems for productivity. Systems outages and downtime cost you time and money. Employees can’t perform their daily tasks, customers cannot reach you, and your business is negatively impacted.

An important part of the Strive Technology Consulting service–and one that differentiates our approach from most MSP’s in the area–is our Best Practices.  We have a checklist of 300+ items that we go through quarterly to ensure everything in our clients’ IT environment is up to the Strive standard of Best Practices.  This does more than anything else to prevent outages and unexpected downtime.

How Does Managed IT Services Protect My Servers Against Failures?

Your IT systems, including network and servers, rank as your business-critical assets. Having long-term, limited access to your servers and business databases can have a disastrous impact on a business. Partnering with a managed IT services provider like Strive Technology Consulting will guarantee the continuous monitoring and regular maintenance of your servers.

  • Back up your data regularly. Regular backups of your servers and critical data – and verifying these backups to make sure you have working copies of your databases and files can prevent long-term downtime. Remember the mantra, “If you aren’t testing your backups, you aren’t taking backups.”
  • Perform preventive maintenance. Plan a server maintenance schedule that reduces the chance of server hardware and software failures.
  • Always install security patches immediately. Patching and updating your servers with the latest software releases is crucial for maintaining their smooth and uninterrupted operation.
  • Use network-monitoring software. Monitor your networks for anomalies and set proper flags that trigger alerts and initiate automated procedures if a potential failure is detected.
  • Have redundant servers. You can have backup servers on-site, or you can use a cloud solution where all servers are redundant and act as a backup for each other.

Setting up, configuring, and maintaining complex server and network infrastructures – on-site or in the cloud – is a daunting task for most small and medium-sized businesses. You can install certain software apps to automate maintenance tasks, but the proper setup of server architectures should be assigned to dedicated IT specialists. An IT professional will help you establish proper load balancing – a factor in keeping business systems and websites up and running.