Get Tech Support For Your Small Business | StriveIT

The Need

Needless to say, companies with 100 employees have different needs than companies with 10,000 employees. Similarly, companies with 5 employees have different needs than companies with 15 employees – this is less obvious, but no less important. Small business tech support is entirely different than the same services for large companies.

The Problem

Too many IT support companies give their clients the same level of service, or don’t work with the smaller businesses at all.  For example, Strive has a tech consulting program designed for businesses with 10-50 employees. It’s incredibly effective for businesses of that size that are in need of professional IT support.  But we realize this program may be overkill for smaller companies. If you look at our mission as a business, it doesn’t say anything about only serving companies with 20+ employees. Strive’s objective is to provide the best small business tech support and IT services to modestly sized companies.

The Solution – Small Business Tech Support

We would like to announce our Small Business Tech Support Program. Aimed at businesses in or near Boulder, Westminster, and Broomfield, this is a tech consulting system designed specifically for companies with 1-10 employees located near Boulder, Colorado. The program features the tech support and consultation many businesses need, cloud services agile enough to keep up with a small and tight-knit team, and a low-touch IT support  philosophy that most companies of this size appreciate.  We help you do your work without getting in your way:

  • Unlimited remote IT support – We help you with your technology, any time you need it.
  • Antivirus software, licensing, and management – We set up and maintain your system security.
  • Proactive computer maintenance and regular tuneups – Hardware problems? We fix them as soon as they arise.
  • Computer backup – All of your company’s important data and systems are copied and secured.
  • File sharing with your entire team – Share everything with your employees, wherever they may be.
  • Enterprise class email – Maintain professional correspondence with your team at all times.
  • Small Business CIO meetings – We discuss your company’s business goals and advise on technology decisions.

Our Small Business Support Program is available for a flat monthly fee that fits in your budget – our fee is less expensive than a single hour of normal IT support! We operate out of Boulder, Colorado, and serve Broomfield, Westminster, and other surrounding municipalities.

If you believe our Small Business Support Program is right for your company, please call us at 855-44-STRIVE or send us an email at to learn more.