One of the most important distinguishing factors in our suite of tech consulting services is the Small Business CIO (Chief Information Officer) offering.

Any IT support company around Boulder can fix your computers and servers – most will even do it well. However, that is often the extent of their service.  They come in, fix your computer, and walk away until the next time it breaks.

We take your service a step further, by taking your technology a step further.  When you sign up for our IT services, you get a dedicated resource to provide ongoing CIO-level services for your company.

What is a Small Business CIO?

In large organizations, the CIO is the executive who has a complete understanding of the company’s technology.  She compares the direction the technology industry is trending with the company’s own directives and goals. She then develops a strategy that employs the best technology available to achieve them.

Most IT support companies cannot offer CIO services for one simple reason: they have no one on their team with enough experience and knowledge to handle the task. Strive, on the other hand, has those people. Our tech consulting experts will work with you to develop an ongoing, professional technology strategy that places your company at the forefront of its industry.

Our team is proud to offer the Small Business CIO service to our clients in and around Boulder, Colorado.  Call us today to schedule a consultation to discuss how we can help your company use technology to achieve your business goals.