IT Support for Healthcare Clinics

Where Can I Find an IT Support Team that Understands What My Healthcare Practice Needs?

With healthcare organizations becoming increasingly reliant upon their IT systems, it is critical that their technology assets remain fully functional at all times. Due to the use of automated programs and services, clinic staff has more time to devote to patient care, ensuring an increase in the quality of services a clinic offers.

Though technology was primarily relegated to an administrative role in the past, it is now coming front and center when it comes to the comfort of a clinic’s patients. Technology has enabled patients to enjoy many different healthcare practice conveniences such as waiting room WiFi, online scheduling, and accessible notifications of test results or appointment reminders.

Strive Technology Consulting proudly offers its holistic suite of Managed IT Services to support our valued clients in the medical industry. We are a Managed IT Services provider that healthcare personnel can trust, and we possess the necessary expertise to assist clinics with streamlining clinical IT and maintaining HIPAA compliance. Our team of highly qualified IT technicians has the experience healthcare providers need to give them the confidence that their IT systems are optimized for performance and are regularly maintained to ensure top-tier security.

Ten Services Healthcare Clinics Can Expect from Strive Technology Consulting

  • Practice Management Software Support
  • EMR/EHR Security
  • Executive-Level IT Consulting
  • Scalable Services to Promote Business Growth
  • Access to a Responsive Team of IT Specialists
  • Predictable, Flat-Rate, and Affordable Monthly Costs for IT Care
  • Advanced and Proactive Cybersecurity Measures
  • HIPAA Consulting and Management
  • Proactive IT Maintenance
  • 24/7 Help Desk Support Services

What Specialized Services Does Strive Technology Consulting Offer Medical Offices?

The Strive Technology Consulting team possesses a vast amount of experience in the specific technology requirements governing the healthcare industry.

Among the services we offer our valued healthcare practice clients include:

  • HIPAA appropriate data storage and email options
  • HIPAA focused consulting
  • Vendor management services
  • IT system optimization to provide an efficient workflow
  • Application integration and automation
  • Remote monitoring and maintenance for optimal security
  • Affordable, flat-rate monthly payments for IT support
  • Legacy platform support services

What Measures Does Strive Technology Consulting Recommend to Maintain Cybersecurity and HIPAA Compliance?

  • Auditing & Remediation:To maintain HIPAA compliance, Strive Technology Consulting recommends regular Security Risk, Administrative, and Privacy audits. Once areas of concern are detected, remediation will be necessary to meet the                                                         standards identified within the act.
  • Training: With the acquisition of each new staff member, thorough training is required. Since HIPAA regulations undergo regular updates, staff training will be ongoing.
  • Document control : Keeping careful track of all documentation is key to ensuring the proper protection from HIPAA audits. To be best prepared, carefully track all policies and procedures, proof of training, internal audit results, breach management plans, and business associate agreements. Maintain a file of documentation to show positive changes implemented over time, thus demonstrating progress to auditors.