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Is a Dependable Computer Support Partner The Missing Link In My Lafayette Business?

Businesses depend on their IT assets to serve their valued customers most effectively. That’s why IT downtime and the ongoing need for repairs is such a problem.

Many Lafayette companies have experienced IT support that focuses on fixing technology assets that break without providing any lasting hope of permanent repair. This model of IT support is costly, leaving businesses feeling demoralized and trapped in an endless cycle of unexpected and expensive ongoing repair bills.

The good news is that Strive Technology Consulting employs a full team of IT professionals to help Lafayette businesses make the most of the IT assets they own. We assist Lafayette businesses by giving them the seamless, secure, and stable IT environment they need to pursue professional and organizational objectives such as:

  • Business processes that flow effortlessly — powered by technology that consistently “just works right”
  • Better clients
  • Healthier ROI
  • More profitability
  • Increased company morale
  • Improved shareholder value
  • Increased sales
  • Early ownership transition and retirement
  • Spend more time with family
  • Stick to a expenses budget – including technology and IT support

How Can Managed IT Services Help My Lafayette Business?

The Strive Technology Consulting approach is based upon the delivery of a comprehensive set of IT solutions which hinge upon the provision of continuous IT monitoring, maintenance, and management. We employ proactive strategies to prevent unnecessary downtime or breached security. This provides Lafayette businesses with the confidence that their data and workflow is accessible to them any time they need it.

How Does Strive Technology Consulting Keep My IT Assets From Breaking Down?

Most Lafayette businesses have only ever experienced the time plus materials model of IT support. Though the IT services companies that use this model of IT support most certainly do repairs, they do little preventative maintenance, forecasting, or IT consulting to prevent things from breaking again in the future.

Strive Technology Consulting provides our Lafayette customers with the following:

  • Budget-Friendly and All-Inclusive IT Support Costs
  • Executive-Level IT Consulting
  • A Team of IT Specialists Committed to Helping You Succeed
  • Advanced Cybersecurity Protocols to Protect Your Data and Network
  • Scalable IT Services that Grow as You Do
  • Proactive IT Maintenance and Monitoring
  • Rapid Responses to Employee Questions

Does Strive Technology Consulting Provide Support For My Industry?

Though generic IT solutions are popular, they lack the industry-specific customization Lafayette companies need to promote the ideal IT working environment for their staff.

The Strive Technology Consulting Managed IT Services model offers businesses highly responsive IT support designed to meet the specific needs of that company. We have in-depth knowledge of some of the most technically challenging industries which can be applied across a wide spectrum of fields.

Our team of professional technicians brings Lafayette businesses specialized expertise in the following industries:

  • Healthcare Professionals — Health Practices, Ambulatory Clinics, Chiropractors
  • Accounting Firms
  • Law Offices
  • Small to Mid-Size Businesses