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Feeling Like You Aren’t Getting What You Are Paying For From Your IT Services Team?

Many accounting firms hire an IT support team and later discover that the two companies are simply a poor “fit.” Resentments build when a business feels they are paying for a premium service and aren’t receiving what they need.

Since accounting firms are required to protect their clients’ data, a failure to adhere to important regulatory governances could lead to disaster in an industry where there is little leniency or forgiveness for mistakes or oversights.

Proper IT security measures and optimal business technology working environments go hand in hand. Accounting firms need a Managed IT Services provider with a thorough understanding of the challenges their business faces on a day-to-day basis. More than that, they need access to a team of professionals that they can count on to deliver on the services that they promise.

Strive Technology Consulting makes it their priority to deliver dependable business technology maintenance and management to meet the needs of each of our valued accounting firm customers.

Can Strive Technology Consulting Keep My Accounting Firm’s Data Secure and Prevent Downtime?

If a data breach were ever to occur, it is your name and reputation that is on the line.

Of course, all IT support firms are aware that security is a hot button topic for owners of accounting businesses. Many will promise they can help their clients maintain a secure IT environment but lack the necessary expertise to do much more than install a basic antivirus program and hope for the best. Accounting firms need much more than that to protect their sensitive client data and information.

Strive Technology Consulting has the capacity to provide enterprise-level cybersecurity management that protects our clients’ data and workflows. Cybersecurity solutions from Strive Technology Consulting hinge upon the implementation of proactive IT security protocols to prevent problems before they have the opportunity to take root. To ensure these strategies are operating efficiently, we offer continuous monitoring, maintenance, and management of each of our clients’ IT assets. This approach allows us to spot potential vulnerabilities and shore them up before they can become a port of entry for a sinister cybercriminal to exploit.

Can Strive Technology Consulting Help My Accounting Firm Stay Compliant?

Compliance is a critical component of every accounting firm’s IT strategy. As with most governing bodies, compliance legislation for financial services businesses is subject to frequent change, and it is difficult for a business owner to keep on top of each set of expectations. Mistakes can easily happen; mistakes that could spell the end of a business.

Strive Technology Consulting employs a team of IT professionals with the skills to provide leadership on IT compliance issues for the accounting industry. Our experienced technicians will bring then keep each client’s IT systems in line with both industry and legislative mandates.