Why Does It Seem That My IT Guy Isn't Listening? - Communication, Emotional Awareness, Active Listening.

Why Don’t Some IT Support Teams Understand That Communication is Key?

Communication is of paramount importance. It’s what allows us to understand each other.

Business is won and lost through communication. Strive Technology Consulting prides ourselves in having open, clear communication—internally and with customers. Our staff can explain complex systems without jargon to make for easy understanding and more successful relationships.


What Makes The Strive Team Good At Communicating?

The Strive staff is hired on more than their experience and expertise. We have a culture of hiring people who possess both technical skills and emotional awareness. Our staff is trained in active listening as well as clear written and verbal communication skills. This is of critical importance in IT to accurately capture and relay information. It eliminates misunderstandings—in an industry where misunderstanding runs rampant. Imagine an unplanned outage of your main system. You want someone on the phone who you know understands what you mean. Through active listening, you can be sure you are understood. Through clear responses from us, you can be sure you understand our plans for getting it fixed.

Why Am I Not Getting Timely Information And Updates From My IT Services Team?

Imagine that one of your staff members has an IT problem and calls it into your IT support team. The worst thing that can happen is for them to hear nothing. It’s better to be promptly told that it will take at a week to fix than to hear nothing for six days and be advised it will be fixed the following day. Regular communication is important, even when the message delivered is not ideal.

Here are a few reasons you may not be getting timely information and updates from your IT services team:

  • They may be understaffed.

  • They may not have the expertise needed to fix your issue and are hoping it will resolve itself.

  • They may be unmotivated to keep you informed.

  • They may not have the appropriate communication processes in place.

Whatever the reason, lack of communication is always unacceptable in an IT support environment. We work diligently to make sure our clients are kept in the loop every step of the way.

Emotional Awareness

This is understanding the impact that our work with IT issues has on your staff – being aware of how IT issues affect morale. Perhaps there is a minor software bug, yet your staff encounters that issue multiple times a day, and it impacts their work. This causes stress. Emotional awareness on the IT support staff’s part will help them understand this impact and motivate them to get a resolution quickly.

Communication cannot be overvalued. If your IT guy isn’t listening, it’s time to talk to someone who will.