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How Can Strive Deal With Industry-Specific Challenges?

Strive Technology Consulting was created to help create a better world where reliable IT systems work in tandem with all other business processes and help reduce problems instead of creating them. That’s why Strive has analyzed business needs for each sector and customized its offerings accordingly. We deal with industry-specific IT under the three following conditions.

  1. We only take on industry-specific work if we know that we can make a difference for the prospective client.
  2. We only take on industry-specific work if we are confident that we have the expertise to provide a stable, secure, and streamlined IT environment for that workflow.
  3. We only take on industry-specific work if we have the vendor partnerships needed to appropriately support the hardware, software, and cloud assets utilized by that industry.

Why Choose An IT Company Familiar With Your Industry Instead of Creating and Maintaining An In-House Department?

Creating an in-house IT department is an extremely expensive endeavor. It requires:

  • A large initial capital investment
  • High maintenance costs / constant upkeep
  • Ongoing training costs and employee benefits

That’s why choosing to partner with an IT support company like Strive is less costly and more efficient. For a simple monthly fee, we will handle all IT related functions and in exchange, provide:

  • Access to specialized IT support in the latest technologies
  • Management of the IT side of all industry and legislative compliance standards
  • Proven IT best practices and protocols for workflow and security

What Sectors Does Strive IT Serve?

  1. Accounting – The Strive team has the expertise to help you implement, maintain, and monitor all cybersecurity and compliance standards for the accounting field. Some of the most often requested IT services by accounting firms are:
    • Onsite and offsite data backup
    • Disaster avoidance solutions
    • Around-the-clock IT support
    • 24/7 monitoring
  2. Healthcare – Our goal is to give you the opportunity to focus on patient care instead of struggling with constant IT maintenance and issues.
    • Ambulatory Clinics
    • Chiropractors
    • Dentists
    • Private Practice
    • Surgery Centers

Specialized Services for Healthcare Include:

  • Network Support
  • Help Desk
  • Cybersecurity
  • HIPAA Compliance Consulting
  • Clinical IT
  1. Small to Mid-Size Businesses – SMB’s are unique in that they need technology and technology support that can handle the challenges of an ever-evolving marketplace. Strive delivers flexible, secure IT environments that will give you the workflow and security foundation your small to mid-size business needs to pursue your goals.
  2. Law Firms – Law firms are similar to the Healthcare industry in the sense that they hold sensitive data and require extra security. There are legal standards that every firm must meet – including IT compliance requirements. In addition to providing the security, mobility, and data retention you need, we support your use of practice management software and handle the integration of applications and the automation of you need for optimal workflow.


What IT Services Does Strive Provide?