HIPAA Compliance

70% of Covered Entities are not HIPAA compliant.
Are you?

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The Real Problem with HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance laws are vague and you’re not an expert! Strive Technology Consulting offers professional help with compliance.  

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was created in 1996. The purpose of this act is, in part, to protect all health data created and transmitted electronically. Therefore, any company with access to protected health information must comply with HIPAA regulations. Like with most national laws, HIPAA compliance is difficult to understand.

Without clear guidelines, how do you know if you’re in violation?  You are a doctor in Broomfield; an accountant in Westminster that works with doctors; a law firm that works with the Denver Health. You are not a HIPAA auditor!

Accordingly, when you work with Strive, you don’t have to waste time studying how to become HIPAA compliant. We will show you exactly what you need to do to meet the correct HIPAA compliance requirements for your business.

  • An Idaho-based hospice lost a laptop due to theft. The fine was $50,000.
  • A medical practice in Phoenix sent patient data over insecure email, and consequently was fined $100,000.
  • A pediatric practice in Massachusetts lost a flash drive, then settled for a $150,000 fine
  • Another stolen laptop in Boston had the doctor paying $1 million.
  • And the loss of a backup drive cost the Alaska State Health Department $1.7 million.

What You Need to Meet HIPAA Compliance Requirements

  1. Auditing & Remediation.  You will need to run regular Security Risk, Administrative, and Privacy audits within your own company.  Also, you will also need remediation plans for the areas you fall short.
  2. Training.  You need to train all staff as they are hired. In addition, you must provide ongoing training as HIPAA regulations are updated.
  3. Document control. Track all documentation to ensure your own protection from HIPAA audits. Track policies & procedures, proof of training, internal audit results, breach management plans, and business associate agreements. Additionally, you can use good documentation to show positive changes over time, thus demonstrating progress to auditors.

Our Solution – The Guard

Strive partners with The Compliancy Group to offer the best HIPAA compliance checklist on the market.  No one certified through this program has ever failed a HIPAA audit.  Therefore, you don’t need to be the expert anymore! Instead, you can let our experts guide you through the whole process. The Guard provides the following for your business’s HIPAA compliance.

Professional HIPAA Expert

Gain access to your own HIPAA compliance expert who will work with you through; auditing, remediation, training, and managing relevant documentation.  Call our HIPAA Hotline any time you have questions.

HIPAA Audit Protection

Audit at your own pace! We will provide a set of self-assessment audits.  We help with security scans so that you can document the rest of your practice at your own pace.

HIPAA Remediation Help

We will help you put together a full remediation plan for areas you fell short in the audit.  We’ll also handle the whole IT side of things.

HIPAA Compliance Training

All of our training is online; you can view it at any time.  We also provide documentation for employees to attest they have completed and understood the training.

Document Management

We will give you an online tool to organize and manage all of your documents.  We also keep a historical record of all changes, so you can prove to the auditors you are in full control of your remediation.

BA Management

It is not your responsibility to ensure your business associates are HIPAA compliant. However, you must have a letter from them affirming they are. We handle all of those agreements for you.

Breach Management & Consulting

In the event that a breach occurs, we will guide you through the process of reporting and managing. This prevents penalties accruing for mishandling incidents.

HIPAA Seal of Compliance

Use this seal to advertise your HIPAA compliance. This is a great competitive advantage for companies in industries supporting health care. Providers know they’re working with professionals who care about their patients’ privacy.

Contact Strive to Learn More

Strive Technology Consulting aims to help any business in the Boulder, Denver, Front Range area reach total HIPAA compliance and HIPAA audit protection. If you need assistance in this realm, get in touch with us!

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