I Want To Leverage Technology, What Should I Buy?

I Want To Buy Better Technology, But I’m Reluctant To Make An Uninformed Purchase. What Should I Do?

Do you feel that your business is stuck because you are not able to decide on or implement the right technology for your business? Let’s find out how you can make the right technology purchases to drive business growth.

Technology is evolving continuously, so businesses of every size need to adopt new technologies to stay competitive. Many businesses avoid addressing their IT-related problems due to uncertainty and lack of IT knowledge.

When it comes to technology, there are so many options, products, tools, and services that business owners are left confused. Leaders know how to run their companies, but they aren’t technical experts, so they hesitate to invest in new technologies.

Due to lack of technical knowledge, business owners either make wrong purchases that don’t fit their workflow needs, or they completely put off IT purchases. In both cases, business always suffers.

What Should I Do Now?

Choose your IT support provider BEFORE you choose your technology.

Picking technology to implement in your business before you get a reliable IT support provider on your side is putting the cart before the horse.

Explain what you want technology to do for you.

Your IT support provider is there to do more than fix computers. If they’re good at their job, they will listen to your goals for technology’s role in your business and find options for you.

Decide on new technology based on long-term advantage – not immediate cost.

Every business runs on tight margins. You’re tempted to opt for the cheapest solution that is presented to you by your IT consultant. Sometimes, that’s the right call. At other times, the right call is to opt for a mid-range or even high-end product because it will save you money in replacement or upgrades as you grow.

What Should I Look For in an IT Consultant to Help Me With Technology Choices?

A Team With A Full Range Of Technology Specialties

All the elements of technology within your business are interrelated. Because of this fact, it’s important that you choose an IT consulting team that knows more than a few basic aspects of business technology. Having IT support on your side that can advise you on today’s purchases and show you how they relate to your current infrastructure and organizational objectives is critical.

Long-term, Win-Win Relationship

An IT consulting team should be there for you before, during, and after the purchase and implementation of your technology acquisition. If they’re just there for the purchase and implementation phase, the chances are that they are more IT sales than IT partners.

A Strategy to Help You Leverage Your Technology

You should be looking for a Managed IT Services team, like Strive, to help you get the most out of your purchase by configuring, integrating, and maintaining it throughout the lifespan of the hardware, software, or cloud asset you have purchased.