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What Does a Firewall Do?

The term “firewall” refers to a device or software that is placed between the confidential data that is on your network and the open internet. That device or software acts as a filter to weed out anything that doesn’t fit within the parameters of what is considered normal internet activity.


Does a Firewall Block Any Outgoing Traffic?

Although the primary mission of a firewall is to protect your computer from incoming traffic that is malicious, firewalls can serve to block some or all outgoing traffic as well. This feature is helpful at the device level. If a firewall on a computer limits outgoing traffic, then malicious code on that computer is less likely to get out into the network and infect other computers. In addition, this feature makes your computer a less likely target to be used within a botnet framework.

Aren’t Firewalls Configured Out of the Box from the Manufacturer?

While every firewall comes with a preset configuration, it is a mistake to assume that the factory presets are adequate. The reasons you should not settle for “out of the box” firewall configurations are as follows:

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    The preset configurations do not take into account the specific traffic needs of your workflow.

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    The preset configurations may be months out of date.

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    The preset configurations do not progress to meet the evolving threat matrix.

How Does Firewall Management Work?

Firewall management is very similar to remote repairs to computers. In this case, an authorized cybersecurity specialist remotely configures your firewall, putting into place the most recent patches following best practice protocols. But firewall management does go further than the implementation of this initial configuration. Following the configuration, your firewall can be remotely updated and your internet traffic monitored through remote software and hands-on technicians to ensure security, compliance with today’s standards, and parody with horizon level threats.

Is Firewall Management Necessary?

There are companies that only do firewall management, but their clients are mostly enterprise-level corporations. For the small to mid-size business, firewall management comes within a Managed IT Services package. Managed IT Services is a proactive approach to complete IT maintenance and security bundled into a subscription payment option. Along with firewall management, Managed IT Services companies often offer the following:

  • Data Backup and Recovery

  • Business Continuity

  • VoIP

  • IT Consulting

  • IT Projects

  • Cloud Consulting

  • Office 365 and G Suite Consulting

  • Cybersecurity Management