COVID-19 Resources & Response

If you read our About page, you’ll see our core values there. Integrity. Clarity. Empathy and respect. In times such as these, you get to see how much a company truly lives their core values, and who just has them written down.

We are reaching out to businesses in our community to offer our help and expertise in any way we can. We only get through this if we all help one another. Below are several resources for businesses and individuals to help navigate this territory. If there is any way we can help, please get in touch.

Be well.


Stay-At-Home Order Update: The governor has issued a stay at home order for all of Colorado with certain essential services exempted.  If you are one of those essential services, so are we.  Technology support is exempted from this order when helping support working from home as well as other essential industries.

In an effort to protect ourselves and loved ones from infection, and in keeping with out citizenly duties to help prevent further spread, our services will change in the following ways until the outbreak is contained:

  1. Remote IT support will continue as always and we will continue delivering world class support to you and your team.  We often switch who is in charge of incoming requests, so please use our toll free number 855-44-STRIVE (855-447-8748) when calling, as that will always get you to us most directly.
  2. Automatic PC cleanups, proactive maintenance, and 24x7 systems monitoring will continue as normal. (If you don’t know what this is, then you are probably not taking advantage of our managed IT services offering.  Now would be a good time to consider that.  Please call to discuss this.)
  3. We will be going to extra lengths to resolve as many issues as possible remotely.  This may mean we ask a bit extra of you during this time in helping avoid us having to go onsite.  Examples of this include unplugging or moving devices to better allow us to troubleshoot, sending pictures so we can see what you are seeing, and plugging in spare equipment if a replacement is needed.
  4. When onsite work is necessary, we will schedule those visits to occur outside of normal business hours when your office is empty.  We will wipe down any equipment we touch before we begin work and again before we leave.
  5. Technology Success (a.k.a. “Best Practices”) visits will be done remotely.  We will contact you if we need specific information about the physical condition of your environment.
  6. vCIO visits will continue, but will be conducted over video chat instead of in person.

The whole world is working from home now.  Cybercriminals know this and will be stepping up their efforts to hack your remote tools and trick you into giving up your password.  The most effective tool we have to protect against this threat is multi-factor authentication (MFA).  Please enable MFA on all of your email accounts and remote access tools.  If you do not know how to do this, we can help.

Here are several cloud services available for free or extended free trials.  We will keep this listed updated as we learn of new ones.  Please contact us if you know of something that should be here.

  • Webex - Free personal accounts, now with expanded capabilities
  • Google Hangouts Meet - Google Hangouts is already free.  Google is now offering its Enterprise feature Hangouts Meet to regular paying customers for free. This allows for larger streams and meetings.
  • Microsoft Teams - This is Microsoft's collaboration program.  Highly recommended for all businesses.  Now available for a 6-month trial
  • Zoom - Zoom already has a free offering that has a 40-minute limit per session.  They have removed this limit for K-12 education accounts.
  • 3CX - 3CX offers softphone access to VoIP systems.  Now available for a 3-year free trial.
The US Small Business Administration (SBA) has made billions of dollars available to small businesses to help them through this period.  As expected, it can be difficult to make sense of it all.  Below are some resources to help you do exactly that
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