Computer Backup and Disaster Recovery

How Disasters Affect Your Company’s Data

In September of 2013, the worst flood in generations hit Colorado’s Front Range.  This was on the heals of two years of the must destructive fires in state history. Many businesses in Boulder and the surrounding area suffered huge amounts of data loss. They had no computer disaster recovery or backup strategies in place, and suffered because of it.

Disasters are inevitable, and can cause data loss for companies as a result. According to FEMA: “Almost 40 percent of small businesses never reopen their doors following a disaster”.  Learn more about how Strive helps your Boulder business with computer disaster recovery and data loss prevention services below.

How Strive Protects Your Business’s Technology From Disaster

Strive Technology Consulting offers computer backup and data recovery services along the Front Range of Colorado. Have you prepared your business in Westminster, Boulder, or Broomfield for data recovery and data loss prevention?

We can ensure your company stays in business and your data remains available even during a disastrous data loss. That’s right. Even if the Looney Tunes anvil falls on your server and crushes it, we’ll have an exact copy of your server up and running in minutes.

Our computer backup solutions are local for fast file recovery. They’re located in the cloud for safety in a disaster scenario, and therefore completely encrypted. No one can access your data who shouldn’t.

Are you still relying on external hard drives or tape backups? If so, please call us for a free computer backup evaluation.  We can provide your company with the best data recovery services and disaster recovery solutions in the industry. Whether you just started up your tech business in your Broomfield garage or you work at the Tech Center, Strive offers you the most comprehensive Broomfield data recovery services available.

If you’re located near the Colorado cities of Boulder, Broomfield, or Westminster, ensure your company survives a little water in the server room. Call Strive today for comprehensive computer disaster recovery services.

Learn More About Computer Backup and Disaster Recovery

For a full discussion on the subject, please see our 3-part blog post on computer system backups and disaster recovery planning. Also, check out our article on the only 3 things you need to know about backups.

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