Am I protected against Wanna Cry / Wanna Decryptor?

There has been a global ransomware attack that has struck over the last few days. It has been in the news a lot over the weekend. The New York Times has a good overview of it available here.

We have had several questions about it and wanted to create an easy place to gather all of the information.


Here are the major questions we are getting so far from clients and others.:

Q: I am a customer of Strive IT. Am I protected against Wanna Cry / Wanna Decryptor?
A: Yes. If you are on our fully managed support plan, then you are protected on multiple fronts.

Q: What is this new virus I’m hearing about?
A: It is called Wanna Cry, or Wanna Decryptor. It is ransomware, which means if you get infected, the virus encrypts your files and doesn’t give you access to them unless you pay the virus creators.

Q: Is my computer vulnerable?
A: This virus attacks a security vulnerability in the Microsoft Windows operating system.  All versions except are at risk, though there are claims that Windows 10 is safe.  This vulnerability was discovered some months ago and Microsoft released a patch in March to fix it.  If you are running Windows Update regularly, you are probably secure.  All Strive IT customers with full management plans are protected.  If you want to be sure, Microsoft has created a special page dedicated to this particular update.  Those on bill-by-the-hour plans should call us to ensure. Click here to download the update.

Q: I don’t know if all my computers are updated. Does Antivirus help?
A: If you are using Strive IT’s antivirus program, you are protected. We use Kaspersky antivirus, which is known to detect and block the virus. At this point, all the major antivirus companies have released new definition files that should protect against infection. Check with your AV vendor’s website to be sure, and open your AV and run an update to ensure you have the latest protection rules.

More Information
If you want to learn more about how to protect yourself against viruses, check out our two part blog series on this subject: Part 1, Part 2.  Also, Why Do Hackers Write Viruses might be of interest.

Getting help from us

If you are concerned about protection on your network and would like help from us, please call us at 303-963-2301 or email at


As we learn more about this infection and have new information, it will be posted here.

May 15, 7:58 A.M.
Security researchers have found a hidden “kill switch” to this virus.  This effectively stops the virus from working.  This is great news but–like biological viruses–new strains of this ransomware have evolved without this kill switch.  If you hear about a secret website that stops the virus from working, this is true.  However, don’t trust it because it doesn’t help in all cases anymore.  Please update