About Strive Technology Consulting: Our Mission, Values, and Team

What makes Strive Technology Consulting the best tech support and IT consulting firm in Colorado? Read on to learn about our mission, values, and team.

Our Mission

We strive to create a better world. For this reason, Strive Technology Consulting does this by helping people we believe in make their mark. We enable clients to work easily and efficiently with reliable IT systems and by providing clear technology advice and guidance. Our clients, employees, environment, and communities are all affected by what we do. Therefore, we commit to treating these with the highest care, respect, and stewardship.

Consequently, our goal is to provide IT support services to the areas around Boulder, Broomfield, and Westminster, Colorado.

  • Tech support
  • Computer setup and server setup
  • Computer backup and cloud services
  • Network design

Our Values


Where to go next becomes apparent when we are clear on our current state, our options, and our goals.


Coherence between what we think, say, and do leads to trust among ourselves, and therefore with our clients.

Empathy & Respect

Everyone has natural talents and frustrations. Accordingly, we respect the gifts of others and value what they offer. We empathize with their difficulties, knowing they also feel ours.

Our Team

Strive Technology Consulting wants to create a workplace that inspires our employees. Ultimately, we strive for a workplace they want to go to every day. We want our employees to be part of a group they enjoy and trust. We want to create an IT support team that customers can’t wait to call. By and large, our customers are friendly with us on the phone because we always treat them with respect. We always take care of them because we’re genuinely excited about what they’re doing.

We want to be part of a Boulder tech support team that cares for and respects those around us and that communicates clearly and honestly. Based in Boulder, Colorado, the Strive IT team works harder than any other Boulder tech support company to give our clients exactly what they ask for. Contact Strive for tech consulting and IT support services for your Broomfield, Westminster, and Boulder-based company.

Have you ever found a tech support company so friendly that you almost wanted your computer to break, just so you could talk to them?  This is the kind of relationship we are striving for.  Contact us today to find out how we can support you in making your mark on the world.