Book Contribution With Insureon, “Making IT Profitable: A Guide for New Businesses & Freelancers”

insureonStrive Technology Consulting was recently asked to contribute content to a new book/e-book about making your small business profitable. The book contains a tremendous amount of useful information for those starting a new business.  Our contributions can be found in Chapter 5 and Chapter 8.  You can download the entire E-book here.


Interview for SmartFile Regarding Server Consolidation

smartfileSmartFile recently did an article titled, “What is Server Consolidation and Why Should You Do It?” where our founder and CEO was listed among the experts.  The article goes into detail about the “over engineering” of many different server setups where server resources are not utilized to any where near their potential.


Interview for Cloud Migration Article

ProfitBricksProfit Bricks recently did an article titled, “26 Cloud Experts Reveal the Biggest Cloud Migration Mistakes Companies Make When Moving to the Cloud” where our founder and CEO was listed among the experts.  This article reflects some of the warnings we made in our own blog post about making sense of cloud computing.  Take a look and see what the others are saying.


Strive Cited in Password Security Article

Our CEO was quoted in a recent article for the National Federation of Independent Business.  The article, titled How to Create Secure Passwords That Will Help Protect Your Data discusses Do’s and Don’ts from industry security experts on good password behavior.


Strive Sited in Dell PC Upgrades Article

Dell_LogoThe Strive CEO was interviewed by Dell’s business blog for an article on PC upgrades, specifically how they can be the key to small business growth.  Check out the article at


Lyons Business Protection Summit

Colorado-SBDCProtect your business against unforeseen disasters.

Just over a year ago, we experienced the thousand year flooding that decimated homes, towns, and businesses.  Before that, we experienced the most destructive wildfires in Colorado history– two years in a row.  While the next thousand year flood probably won’t happen next year, what we should have learned from these last few years is that disasters happen to everyone, and those businesses that prepare ahead of time are the ones that survive.

The Colorado SBDC, Downtown Colorado, Inc., and the Town of Lyons are holding a Business Protection Summit to help local businesses do exactly this sort of preparation.  It will address Business Protection and Business Continuity from the perspectives of risk identification, insurance, finance, technology, and others.  The Strive CEO will be there to speak about data backups and disaster recovery at the day’s closing panel.

The conference will be held this Friday, October 17th in Lyons and only costs $25/person.  It promises to be very informative to all businesses, whether you are worried about the next disaster or not.  Go to the website at to register or learn more about it.


Strive Called on for Cloud Computing Article

MRC Cup ofJoeMRC Productivity recently wrote an article about misconceptions in cloud computing and called upon Strive for some advice.  Echoing our own article on the subject, our CEO explains why moving to the cloud will not necessarily increase your performance.


Strive cited by MRC Cup of Joe technology blog

MRC Cup ofJoeMRC Cup of Joe technology blog recently wrote an article titled “9 Signs That Your Business Applications Need Replacing.”  Our president was interviewed along with several other industry leaders to discuss upgrading a business’ major line of business application, when a company can get away with delaying the upgrade for a while, and when it becomes critical to upgrade immediately.  Feel free to read the rest of the article, available here.


Strive CEO Interviewed for Security Article

Software AdviceWe all know how difficult it can be to listen to two computer guys having a conversation because none of the words make any sense!  EPP, MDM, VPN, ISP, it’s like the computer world is nothing but acronyms and initials.  In this article in Software Advice, the author begins to decrypt the “Buzzword Babylon,” and explain what it all means.  The Strive CEO was called on as an industry expert to help clarify what is meant by these cryptic terms.


Dell Flash Storage Interview

Dell_LogoOur CEO was recently interviewed by Dell for their Tech Page One newsletter.  We all know flash storage as the little thumb drives we can carry on our keychains and in our pockets.  The article, titled “Can flash storage relieve growing pains of SMBs?” focuses on flash storage as a primary storage solution for servers.  These super fast and, for now anyway, super expensive hard drives can dramatically increase the speed of some functions on your network.  Yet, it is still relatively new technology, and should be treated with caution on mission critical systems.