Media Interview on Security in Healthcare

The Digital Guardian put together a panel of healthcare executives and security professionals and asked them to weigh in on this question: “What are the top 3 information security considerations for healthcare organizations?”  Our CEO was one of the security experts on the panel.  Check out the interview here.


Souls Matter in Business and Technology

We were recently interviewed by for their article titled, Souls Matter in Tech. How to Make Sure Your Business Has One.  This topic is very important to us, as it speaks directly to our mission and core values.  If you haven’t read those, please check them out here.


Strive Asked to Contribute to Ransomware Article

Digital Guardian-logo44 security experts were asked to weigh in on the question: What steps should businesses take for ransomware protection? The Strive CEO was among these security experts.  See the article here, and our specific answer here.


We’ve hired our first intern!

We would like to welcome to the team our new marketing intern, Christopher Anthony Trujillo!   Originally from Las Vegas, NV Chris came to Colorado to study Molecular Cellular Developmental Biology at CU Boulder. While continuing his education he developed a passion for digital strategy. He shares his passion through blogging and hosts a local meetup to share ideas. His interests outside of school and work are hiking, playing guitar, and reading and wants to pursue a career in digital strategy for a startup company in Boulder, CO.  Welcome aboard, Chris!


Disaster Recovery article at featuring us logoThe Strive CEO, along with other industry experts, were recently interviewed for an article at called 8 ingredients of an effective disaster recovery plan.  It lays out the essential steps for preparing for a disaster before it happens, and how to keep your business up and running during a disaster.  We offer the best disaster recovery product on the market right now and would love to talk with you about it.  See our Backup & DR page for more information.


Interview on Backups, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity

SmallBusinessComuting.comData backups are critically important for any business, but they are only a part of larger disaster recovery and business continuity plans.  We recently contributed to an article in Small Business Computing to discuss some important factors in deciding on your backup solution.  Go here to learn more about our data protection solution.  View the SBC article here: Small Business Disaster Recovery in the Cloud.


Interview with Dell on Social Logon Safety

Dell_LogoHave you ever used your Facebook account to sign into a non-Facebook website?  Have you ever considered the implications of doing this?  We were interviewed by PowerMore, Dell’s technology blog, for our insights into the benefits and possible hidden costs of using social media accounts for universal logins.  Check out the article here: Social-login safety: A concern for developers, users.


Remote Tech Support Interview

BusinessNewsDailyWe deliver about 90% of our support remotely over the internet.  Because of our expertise in this area, we were asked to contribute to an article in Business News Daily regarding the benefits of delivering online tech support.  Read the article here: What IT Department? Online Tech Support is a Small Business’ BFF.



Article Contribution – How to Find the Network Performance Problem (and Fix It Fast)

whats_up_goldStrive Technology Consulting was recently asked to contribute perspective to the problems affecting network performance that can test the patience of any IT pro. Whether its a malfunctioning router or a network bandwidth hungry end user, an intermittent drain on network bandwidth is maddening to identify if you cannot find the source.  You can read the entire article here.