How to Avoid Computer Viruses – Part 1

Part 1 in our series on How to Avoid Viruses. This covers the the most important technique in avoiding viruses: hovering over links and how to read them to ensure you are going to safe places.

5 Steps to Avoid Credit Card Breaches

Even small businesses are susceptible to the kind of security breaches that Target and Home Depot experienced because they were all compromised by spyware. In this article, we discuss how to minimize the risk you face in this arena, and how to protect your customers and your own reputation from credit card thieves.

Bad Microsoft Updates Causing Blue Screen Crashes

Microsoft has released some updates that are causing computers to crash with a blue screen error. We describe how to remove the updates if they are already installed, and how to boot your computer again if it has already crashed.

21 Ways to Avoid Identity Theft

Identity theft generates more revenue than drug trafficking, and we hearing about it it all over the news. This article will explain the types of identity theft, how to avoid it, and how to protect yourself for when it does happen.

5 Ways to Keep Your Computer Running Fast

It is widely considered an unfortunate fact of life that computers will slow down and eventually die; but it doesn’t have to be that way! Follow these 5 steps regularly to keep your computer running smooth and fast the entire time you have it.

4 Ways to Increase Your Wireless Internet Speed

We have all had problems with wi-fi cutting out, or giving us extremely slow internet access even with a strong signal. This month’s article will talk about the typical problems in wireless networks and give some suggestions on how to make your wireless network work better.

Security Alert: Many Secure Websites Found Vulnerable

For over two years, a major vulnerability has been open that compromises the security of a half a million websites, large and small. This bug has been given the name “Heartbleed” and affects the encryption of secure websites. If you offer e-commerce, or your business’ website has encryption, you should absolutely look into this.

All You Need to Know About Data Recovery and Computer Backups

You don’t care about backups. You only want to know how quickly and correctly your data gets restored. Here are the 3 things you need to keep in mind when choosing a backup solution.

Cryptolocker – The Most Dangerous Virus in 10 Years

Cryptolocker is probably the most destructive virus to come out in over 10 years. This article will discuss how this virus works, how it can infect your data, and how to protect yourself against it.

The Death of Windows XP and Office 2003

It is an ominous title, but very important.  According to a recent survey, more than a quarter of all the computers out there are still running Windows XP.  That is more than everyone running Mac, Linux, Windows Vista, and Windows 8 combined.  Microsoft released Windows XP in 2001, then they skipped a release in their […]